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Our core values as an ETBI school

Our core values as an ETBI school

Our ethos and characteristic spirit here at Borris Vocational School

Our community spirit at Borris Vocational school collectively implements our core values and statements of effective practice as a proud ETBI school. Our mission statement is to create a caring, inclusive environment where each individual is encouraged to develop a sense of honesty, tolerance and responsibility and in which everybody acquires self-confidence to achieve his or her full potential.

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ETB schools are state, co-educational, multi-denominational schools underpinned by the core values of: Excellence in Education; Care; Equality; Community and Respect.

State – ETB schools are state schools as they are under the patronage of public bodies.

Co-educational - goes beyond a binary perspective on gender to include the full diversity of gender identities and gender expression in the school community and is concerned to underpin respectful relationships across this diversity, and the elimination of any gendered stereotypes and the influence of any such stereotypes.

Multi-denominational - In an ETB school, multi-denominational is about welcoming and celebrating the full range of religions and beliefs in the school community. It is concerned with developing relationships that are respectful and appreciative of such difference, and interactions that embrace, celebrate, and explore such difference.

A link to our patron’s framework as an ETBI school can be found under the SSE section of our school website.

While the link below supports your understanding of an ETB school.

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