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Meitheal at Borris Vocational School

Who are the Meitheal Leaders?

The Meitheal leaders are chosen at the end of Fifth Year and they complete a week of training with the Diocese. A vibrant team spirit is created and the group try to pass this onto the first years through their work with them. The Meitheal Team of 2022-2023 include: Nell Snyder (Chairperson), Amby Cogley, Shannon Fox, Aoife Doyle, Niamh Cullen, Megan O Brien, Darragh Travers, Ellie Ryan, Liam Treacy and Charlotte Pearson. Their training took place in Castletown last June for 5 days. They really enjoyed this training programme.

Meitheal is a youth leadership programme organised by the Kildare and Leighlin Diocese. The Meitheal programme has been run in Borris Vocational School for over 20 successful years. Ten trained Sixth year students are the Meitheal leaders. They take care of a First Year classes with whom they meet on their first few days in Borris Vocational School. The leaders help the first years settle in and meet with them regularly throughout the year. Activities and events for the first years are organised by the Meitheal leaders. The team works together to make Borris Vocational School an enjoyable place for all.

Ms Duggan and Mr Healy provide a link between the Meitheal leaders and the School Management.

My experience as being a Meitheal leader introducing first years was quite an amazing experience. I learned what it is like to be a leader to help others find their place in their new path of life. I really enjoyed working with the first years as I learned a lot of life lessons I will take with me where ever I go.

Darragh Travers

My experience in the Meitheal training was a once in a life time opportunity. It was like living in another world for five days. Everybody there was chosen for a reason, so we all had something in common. We all got along and bonded perfectly. We played games, did ice breakers, got to know our team and there was amazing food! I'd go back today if I could!

Nell Snyder

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